Where are the games played?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

The YSF tournaments are exciting because each week is like a jamboree where multiple teams play at each field.  Coaches can then watch multiple games from their opposing competition.

YSF has over 28 fields that it uses for the tournament.  All fields in the tournament are leased and controlled by the YSF organization. Some fields may be the “home” fields of some of the teams that are participating in the tournament however during the season all fields are controlled by the YSF staff and certification personnel are employed and monitored by YSF in an entirely unbiased manner.

Each region will have a central field  (MAIN FIELD) where most of the games for that conference area will be played.  In addition the tournament has local fields (REGIONAL FIELDS) where some local games are played.  (For example Ft Myers has a MAIN FIELD, however Venice might have a Regional field).  In addition the tournament places some PILOT fields in areas where a team may be remotely positioned, and in this case one or two games will be played at those facilities. The tournament in general tries to limit the amount of travel required by teams and in most cases in each season the game fields will be positioned as best as possible in each regional area that is participating.  Game fields change from year to year based on teams participating.

Please note: The tournament reserves the right to change field formats and locations based on the amount of teams that sign up in a given area.