What is the regular season game format?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

The regular season is made up of 5 games for each team.  These games are all played on a Saturday over a period of 5 weeks. (All teams go to the 1st round of the playoffs, so teams a guaranteed a 6 game season) Teams could have bye weeks, double headers etc.

During the regular season you will play teams from your local region as well as teams from outside your region. All teams are required to travel outside of their region for ONE week of the season, and during that week you will play a double header. This is done deliberately to allow teams to have a fun trip away and play teams from outside their normal area.

With multiple teams travelling across the state for their one week, this allows for travel teams to be in all the regional markets each week and the local teams will get to play an additional game against a “foreign” team at home.  The tournament is a State wide program.