What is the cost to a coach or organization to enter a team/s?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

There is absolutely no cost to a coach or organization for entering a team/s.  The only costs that are applicable are the registration fees for each player registered from your team/organization. 

Due to the costs of the tournament and the length of time the tournament has been operating the fees charged for the tournament vary by the state.

State Tournaments fees vary depending on the state.  However the costs are approximately between $120-$160 per player.  Total team costs would be Cost of Fees x Total players on team. Contact your state tournament to determine accurate yearly costs.

The league provides a “Coaches What to Do” packet of information that explains the entire coaches responsibility for entering a team. The league provides and pays for the following items, out of the fees paid: Liability Insurance, Game Jerseys, Participation trophies and Winners Trophies, Game Fields, Referees, Game Schedules, Field Set up and Operations, Weigh Ins, Play-off Schedules.