What if my league does not allow pre-season practices?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

Generally the way in which clubs that are restricted by “no pre-season practicing” overcome this issue is by entering the tournament under a different club name.  The season for most of the State tournaments ends by May 1st, and typically youth fall programs only start spring training by July, and High School practices only beginning by May 1st.  Many teams that already participate in the tournaments are affiliated with other programs during the fall, and in many cases these teams play under a different name.  Many organizations will allow coaches running teams in the tournament to lease their equipment from their fall program for a fee, and thereby generate a fund raising opportunity for the fall programs.

Some organizations that are restricted from violations to their fall program charters and/or by-laws will simply run two different programs through their same organizations, one for the fall and one for the spring.

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