What are the Equipment Requirements?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

The tournament does not provide equipment, in most cases teams borrow or lease their fall program’s equipment.

Teams can use their own game jerseys.  However YSF also provides two choices for jerseys. A basic single color ($15 each) or custom made game jersey if needed.  META Sports Gear is the official uniform equipment company of YSF Group and we can provide fully customizable uniforms for teams that wish to purchase these.  Call Chris Smith 863 241 1861 email  for information. META Sports Gear Website

Coaches and Teams are responsible for the printing of their own jersey numbers if they chose the basic jersey option. Players MUST have a number on their jerseys to participate.  (Player names can be placed on jerseys, however this is NOT mandatory.)  Players must remain in their same jersey number from the week 3 scheduled games to the end of the season.  Teams are required to provide the remainder of the players football equipment requirements through their own clubs or by other means.  Many teams arrange a lease type program where the spring football players lease their equipment for a small fee from the fall program, or clubs in some cases charge a small additional fee on top of the tournament fees to pay for equipment usage.