How much travel is involved?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

One of the fun features of the tournament is the fact that you will play teams that are outside of your typical Fall program areas. You will also play teams from different leagues.

Each team participating is required to travel to another region for ONE of their regular season weeks to play a double header (called a “Foreign” Game) against outside region teams.  Because all teams travel at least one week, on your travel week you will likely play teams from anywhere in your state as they will also be travelling on that day to the same field locations.  (Example – a Ft Myers team would travel to the Tampa field location and MAY play teams from Tampa, Jacksonville, Daytona etc.)  The remainder of your games are played in your region.

YSF has multiple states running a spring tournament and we offer financial programs to help teams to travel to other states to play them for one of their games.

The first two weeks of Playoff games are typically played in your own region until such time as the regional and conference championships, where the home field advantage principle applies.