How does the tournament Insurance program work?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

YSF provides all teams that participate in the tournament an Accident and Liability Insurance coverage. 

The Liability coverage is a basic protection for the organizations and teams participating against a lawsuit for negligence of a variety of types.  This liability essentially covers players, fans, coaches, organizations and board members associated with the liability coverage. We provide a field coverage insurance liability waiver certificate (often called an “Additional Insured Certificate”) for practice facilities used during the season by participating organizations.  Please email if this certificate is needed for your group to practice at a given facility.

The Accident coverage provides for accident insurance for limited injuries sustained by players and coaches in the normal course of any game within the tournament purview.  This is a standard youth football 2nd Tier accident coverage program.  Therefore the players/coaches personal insurance will be the primary and the YSF accident coverage will pick up any medical costs unpaid by the personal insurance coverage, following the necessary deductible criteria.  If a player does not have their own family medical insurance coverage then the players MUST take on all accident liability themselves, YSF will not be able to cover that player under their accident policy.  The Accident policy requires a family health insurance plan to be the primary coverage. Please note the coverage provides a 2nd tier accident program and should not be relied on as a source of health coverage. For any further clarifications please email 

Players are required to sign an LIABILITY RELEASE FORM as well as a MEDICAL RELEASE FORM form to participate; The Liability Release is a form required by the YSF insurance companies that ensures parents and participants are aware of the dangers associated with football, and in turn protecting the league from unreasonable law suits.  The Medical Release is a document that parents sign to release the league and their representatives to take an injured player to a medical facility in the rare event of a football related accident, and as the pre-requisite to ensuring a primary coverage health policy is in place.

Please Note:  Football is a dangerous sport and the league protects itself under a liability release form that disallows themselves from any lawsuit activity.  Parents participating in the tournament MUST understand that the league will provide a variety of safety measures and guidelines to protect their participants in whatever way they can, but the inherent activity of contact football is aggressive and dangerous in format and should be undertaken with this view in mind.