How do I get around my Organizations Charter or their rules for off season play?

October 15, 2017 sandybeckett

Some organizations have a ruling that does not allow their teams to practice in the off season, or that teams may not use patches (POP Warner) or teams may not participate in programs outside of their leagues.  While YSF does not deliberately go out of their way to encourage teams to break their fall program association rules, most organizations simply either change the team name under which they participate in the spring tournament and/or have a lease agreement by which the spring program players pay a lease fee to rent their organizations equipment.  Many teams even operate an entirely different sub-division of their league organization that runs their spring programs.  Thereby having a fall and spring football program.  We do not stipulate what a given team or set of teams calls themselves.  Some programs name each of their spring teams with a different name.  YSF is generic to fall programs.  Multiple different fall associations and leagues participate in the tournament.