Can our organization charge more than your fees?

October 15, 2017 sandybeckett

Yes.  Your organization can charge your players that are participating on your teams whatever fees you like in order to participate.  Due to the costs of the tournament and the length of time the tournament has been operating the fees charged for the tournament vary by the state. States that have a newer tournament may have slight differences of what they offer that makes pricing vary.

Many organizations charge their players more adding a fee for the lease of their equipment to their spring program players and/or some additional fees to cover for admin/travel, fundraising expenses etc.  The specified fee is payable to the YSF organization based on their payment guidelines.  Organizations entering multiple teams may collect the fees internally and then pay YSF as a whole or have parents /coaches handle their players/teams individually.

State Tournament Fees vary between $120 – 160 per player. Fees are player based, and calculated based on the number of players on your team x the fees.