Can I enter teams from every division of my Summer League Organization?

October 16, 2017 sandybeckett

Yes.  Organizations/Coaches can enter as many or as few teams as they wish.  Many organizations enter the tournament with a team from each of their Fall program age divisions, and due to the limited size of teams on 8 on 8, some enter more than one team in each division.

Note – There are 2 concurrent “competitive” and “regular” tournaments in the Florida tournament.  In Florida some organizations enter teams in each one.  In the event that an organization has too many players the league recommends that organizations split the teams into a competitive and a regular team. Organizations that have “split their talent” between two teams have typically not fared well in the competitive program.

If you enter multiple teams from one organization these two teams will not play each other during the regular season, unless you wish them to do so and all a given organizations teams will ALWAYS play at the same facilities.  Some coaches that participate are not associated with any organization and simply enter the tournament as independent coaches.  For help on this please call Sandy Beckett on 813-728-6747 or

If you are concerned about violating your organizations charter by using their same name, you can simply change the name that your organization participates under and therefore not violate any of your organizational by-laws.