YSF provides a variety of spring football tournaments for youth football players from the age of 5 through 15 years.  YSF is not only a player tournament but in fact is a program that is also targeted at youth football coaches who want to escape the mundane fall youth program life of rules and bureaucracy and have an opportunity to participate and compete with a team specifically constructed for tournament play.  YSF provides a Division 1 (competitive) and Division 2 (developmental) tournament program that includes both a regular season schedule and a playoff cycle through to a State Championship game, that delivers a “Professional like” experience to all youth football players.

YSF tournaments began in 2008 with the State of Florida opening the Florida Spring Youth Football League, with 12 teams, this Florida tournament has now grown to over 200 teams playing in all regions of the state.  In 2017 YSF successfully expanded into the Georgia and Alabama markets and will be opening a tournament in both Tennessee and South Carolina in 2018. Many teams from all these markets choose to travel to play "foreign" teams making for an all round exiting tournament.  Each market plays to a State Championship with a post season National Championship game.