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6U State Bracket
8U1 State Bracket
8U2 State Bracket
10U1 State Bracket
10U2 State Bracket
12U1 State Bracket
12U2 State Bracket
14U1 State Bracket
14U2 State Bracket
15U State Bracket

Pro Bowl Rosters

6U Pro Bowl
8U Pro Bowl
10U Pro Bowl
12U Pro Bowl
14U Pro Bowl

State Championship Event

Teams qualifying for the final four, will play an automatic two games, with YSF providing for a 3rd and 4th place game on Sunday May 2nd, 2021.  Schedules for these games are detailed in the flyer below. 


Varsity Media Products

YSF has contracted with a New York Media and Production company to handle all the production aspects of the State Championship events. From Live Streaming, Game Film Video, Hype Videos for State Championship teams, Live Action Photography and more… 


Austin Tindall Sports Complex

YSF has contracted the use of the top class Austin Tindall Sports Complex in Kissimmee right in the middle of the famous Disney properties in Orlando for their State Championship event.  This facility provides 4 game fields along with a Stadium field and a large area for the YSF player tunnels, Jumbotron, Pro bowl tents and practice area, Half time show booth, Trophy presentation stage, photograph booths and more..

State Championship Trophies and Medals

As always the YSF State Perpetual Trophies are up for grabs.  Winning coaches can get their names and teams placed in the 12 year history books of YSF State Championship winners.    

Downloadable State Championship Flyers

YSF State Championship Flyer 2022
Varsity Media State Championship Product Flyer
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