YSF Referee Association

At the Youth Spring Football Organization we take the responsibility of officiating as an important one. This officiating page will serve as the portal by which all documents and information related to the tournament officiating is managed for all state tournaments.

YSF Tournaments runs and manages their own Referees Association (YSFOA) that registers referees purely dedicated to the oversight of the various state tournaments officiating. A Supervisor of Officials has been appointed to manage each of the Regional Crew Chiefs in every state, who in turn will oversee the referee crews in their specific regions.

Brendin Straubel
YSFOA Supervisor of Officials
813 728 7764

The YSFOA Management monitors the following:

  1. Referee registration process
  2. Referee selection and application process
  3. Referee training and testing process
  4. Post game analysis reports
  5. Ejection and Incident reports
  6. Referee Support lines
  7. Coaches Complaint management system
  8. Game Score management

The following criteria is required of all referees that are registered with the YSFOA and are participating in all the tournaments.

  1. A minimum of three years documented experience officiating tackle football.
  2. Current active registration as an High School Athletic Association football official with a sanctioned association. in their respective State
  3. Successful passing of a criminal background check.
  4. Submission of an application for membership.
  5. Active participation in all regional YSFOA training and on-line testing.
  6. Satisfactory grade on the YSFOA rules and mechanics examination.
  7. Ability to be available on Saturday's with an understanding that moderate travel may be involved.
  8. Registration approval from the Supervisor of Officials and the area /regional supervisors

Referee Application Form (Apply to join YSFL Referees Association)
Coaches & Referees Manual
Unusual Rules Brochure (Brochure outlining the main different rules for 8 on 8)
Coaches Rules Practice Test (Practice your knowledge of the rules)
Chain Crew Instructions
Field Audit Guidelines
National Federation of High School Rules Book
Officiating Information Letter
Referees Signal Cheat Sheet
Game Rules
Kansas Tie-Breaker Rules