2020 Schedules Released

February 12, 2020 sandybeckett

NOTE – Schedules can be seen by players, parents, fans and coaches, in a variety of places:

2 – YSF League Magic Software Website – Click here for the League Magic public Schedules
3 – Inside your Team Consoles individual teams pages (click on “Schedule button)”
4 – On your Team Console Club page (click “Display Club Schedule Report)”
  • PLEASE keep checking your schedules for the first 2 weeks as they may well change. 
  • There will be only ONE division for the 6U, 14U and 15U this season.
  • Out of division games (i.e. when a D1 team plays a D2 team, or reverse) the result does NOT count for either team for their win/loss record or points for/against. Play the game for fun.
If you have issues please call Sandy on 813 728 6747. But if you did not give me a schedule request and you suddenly realized you need it, sadly you are too late!