2019 Spring Season Changes

October 11, 2018 sandybeckett

Ages and Weights
As YSF expands to the SE state region, where most of these states operate unlimited weight programs in the fall, we are ultimately going to have to change Florida into an unlimited 8 on 8 program, to allow for a national championship format to take place.
This upcoming season will be the YSF’s FINAL season with a limited age/weight format. In order to prepare for this YSF has removed the Supers age division and increased the weights of the other divisions slightly to balance into 6 age divisions that will correspond to the ultimate 6U,8U,10U,12U,14U and 15U format.

Our new age divisions for THIS spring season will be as follows:
Tiny-Mite 5 & 6yrs unlimited, 7yrs <80 lbs Mitey-Mite 7 & 8yrs unlimited, 9yrs <100 lbs Pee Wee 9 & 10yrs unlimited, 11yrs <120 lbs Midget 11 & 12 yrs unlimited, 13yrs <150 lbs JR Varsity 12 &13 yrs unlimited, 14yrs <200 lbs Varsity 13,14 & 15yrs All unlimited weight Pro Bowl
Following the difficulties experienced last season with the hurricane issues, this season we will reinstitute our PRO BOWL program for Tiny through Midget divisions. The Pro Bowl format will be changed to a banquet style program that will be held on the Friday night before the State Championships.
Outside State Games
YSF will continue to offer our unique “Outside State Game Program”. YSF will provide a complimentary travel stipend to any Florida team/s that would like to include a “foreign” game in the AL, GA and TN markets in their regular FL season schedule. Call or email sandy@youthspringfootball.com 813 728 6747 to be considered for this program.
New Teams
YSF has continued to market to new teams in the entire SE region, including expanding the Florida market to the lower Miami area, Ft Myers market and also expanding our reach into the wider GA, AL and TN markets.
This season YSF has made an effort to reform our referee program to create an independent YSF Referee Association, in order not to entirely rely on existing fall referee programs. We will establish our own internal rules, policies and training programs to help improve the quality of our referee product.