2018 Schedules Released

February 15, 2018 sandybeckett

Click Here for Clubs Schedule Code Descriptions

The first 3 weeks of the schedules have been released. We will continue over the next week or so to release the remaining weeks. Sorry for the slight delay but we had so many folks giving us changes that we had to make many alterations, that caused massive delays.
NOTE – Schedules can be seen by players, parents, coaches and all, in a variety of places:
1 – On the website for the public Click here for public schedules
2 – In your Team Consoles individual teams pages (click on “Schedule)”
3 – On your Team Console Club page (click “Display Club Schedule)”
NOTE: There will be only ONE division for the Supers this season. Only three Supers D1 team registrations were received. As the season progresses we will make a decision as to the post season split of D1 or D2 for this age division, but no guarantees as it currently stands.
NOTE: Out of division games (i.e. D1 vs D2) do NOT count for the win/loss or points for/against. Play the game for fun.
If you have issues please call Sandy on 813 728 6747. But if you did not give me a schedule request and you suddenly realized you need it, sadly you are too late!
If you have requested your travel trips to GA, TN or AL I have your requests in hand and you will see your trips when the next 3 weeks of the schedules are released, as the outside states seasons only begin on March 17th. If you are interested in going to these states for your travel trip…call me asap. (we provide travel stipends for each team) There is a waiting list for some divisions, so the quicker you react the greater your chance is to go. (No Varsity in outside states yet)